How to Unlock Prince Eric in Disney Dreamlight Valley


One of the last villagers that dreamers will unlock during their journey through Disney Valley of Dreams is Prince Eric, the heir to a seaside kingdom who fell in love with Ariel, the Little Mermaid. Ursula, the Sea Witch, is one of the first characters players encounter on their adventure, and Ariel can be unlocked in the mid to late game. So naturally, Dreamers are probably curious about where the Prince Eric character. Disney Dream Light Valley is and how they can reunite him with his mermaid lover. While the process of bringing him back to the Valley is straightforward, the prerequisites to unlocking his corresponding Friendship quest are challenging.


The quest for friendship that unlocks Prince Eric in Disney Valley of Dreams is “Poor unhappy prince“, referring to the state players find him in before calling him back to the valley. To access this quest, players must first clear the night thorns blocking the Fores of Valor, Frosted Heights, and Forgotten Lands The total Dreamlight investment required for this venture will be 28,000. Once these biomes are opened, Dreamers must reach friendship level 10 with Ariel and Ursula.

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Typically, Friendship XP is mostly obtained by bringing in a villager for specific tasks, such as mining, fishing, or gardening. However, Ariel and Ursula in Disney Valley of Dreams are bound to water, which prevents them from accompanying players when working in the valley. Therefore, reaching friendship level 10 for these two characters can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, the YouTube channel MrStarInSky discovered an excellent method to level friendship with these two villagers exceptionally quickly.

Unlock Prince Eric in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The main way to increase Ariel and Ursula’s friendship level is by talking to them and giving them gifts. They sometimes offer friendship quests, but the XP reward from these missions is nowhere near enough to unlock Prince Eric in Disney Valley of Dreams. Therefore, players will likely consider giving these characters their three daily favorite items. However, this method is tedious, as water-bound villagers sometimes want a rare or hard-to-craft item. Alternatively, MrStarInSky found that giving these characters flowers can dramatically increase their friendship. Since the flowers are easy to obtain and can be used to feed animals in Disney Valley of Dreamsthis technique is both efficient and effective.

After reaching friendship level 10 with Ariel and Ursula, players must complete the friendship quest, “An agreement with Ursula“, after which they will receive the shrunken soul of poor unfortunate Eric. Bring this item to Ariel and build Eric’s castle by paying Scrooge McDuck 10,000 Star Coins. Players will find a flute inside the castle that can be given to Ariel. done, Prince Eric will receive his triumphant return to Disney Valley of Dreams.

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Source: Youtube/MrStarInSky

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