How to operate the Market Board


Final Fantasy XIVThe Market Board is a global exchange allowing players to sell items to other players. The majority of obtainable items are salable, leading to a strong in-game economy that encourages players to compete with others. Market Board competition directly affects Gatherers selling their items, Crafters buying ingredients, and players needing to stay equipped with the best gear. The Market Board is an essential part of the game, to say the least.

Players who are new to using the Market Board are prone to making small mistakes that can hurt their earnings. Most players will passively sell anything that drains their inventory to at least Gil. However, this is the worst way to make the Market Board work. For players who want to make money, using the Market Board effectively is key to selling the highest priced items.

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Do not sell in increments of 99

While it’s tempting to post that stack of 99 ash logs on the market, it’s the worst way to sell an ad. No one wants to buy 99 ash logs when it only takes six to craft their item. Buyers are more likely to purchase a 10-log bundle, even though the listing price is technically higher. This means that against a deluge of 99 list stacks, the player who took a few extra seconds to divide their stacks into sections will be favored.

Selling items in small increments is a much more efficient way to sell items. Depending on the article, it will mean something different. For example, selling gear in pairs is the best way to go, while selling mob drops works best in larger stacks. As a general rule, do not group more than 15 items in a single stack.

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Update prices every few hours

The biggest mistake new players make is posting an item, then forgetting about it, only to find a few days later that their item is hundreds of Gils higher at the lowest price. Just like the real world economy, FFXIVMarket prices change from hour to hour. Prices drop as players compete to sell their items by undercutting others. For the unsuspecting seller, neglecting the price of their item puts them in a situation where they must sell items at a loss or wait for the market to recover.

Players don’t have to fall asleep to ever-changing prices, but it’s always wise to check the Market Board before logging off for the day. After all, every item that goes unsold takes up one of 20 valuable sales slots in a deposit’s inventory.

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Don’t go with the flow

Along with staying on top of market prices, players need to know how much their item is worth and how much they are willing to sell it for. As other players continue to lower their prices, items quickly lose value. A player who has managed to obtain a fair amount of Rare Silk may be discouraged to learn that it is worth no more than 15 Gil on the Market Board.

The best way to combat this serious undercutting is to wait a few days. Although it may seem counterintuitive, waiting to sell more valuable items will prove much more fruitful. Once the Market Board merchants have purchased all the cheap listings, a patient player can then list their item and establish the basis for the next undercut cycle.

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Sell ​​more than your junk

Players who only sell bric-a-brac are not likely to become billionaires. Dodo meat and animal hides can be crafted, but they usually only sell for one or two Gil. To increase their income, players must become proactive in their sales. One way to do this is to take advantage of crafting jobs and crafting journals.

Players who enjoy crafting will be at an advantage. Making popular clothes as a weaver or leatherworker is a lucrative way to generate income. For players who can’t stand the crafting mini-game, their best bet is to sell high-demand crafting items. Players who enjoy hunts or FATE should be pleased to know that high-level mob drops are high-priced items for crafters who don’t want to farm their own ingredients. A quick look at the level 50+ crafting logs on the official site will provide hunters with everything they need to know about valuable loot.

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Enjoy World Hopping

Those familiar with the in-game economy may consider visiting other worlds and buying shares to resell back home. Each world has its own trends, and while high priced items like treasure map drops tend to stagnate from world to world, low priced items like fabrics and metals always have disparities. of price.

The trick to traveling the world is to stay on top of trends in your home world before buying stocks in another. Keep in mind that while players can buy on other worlds, they cannot sell. If players inadvertently buy too many stocks at too high a price, they will be forced to sell them in their home world.

Selling on the Market Board can be both simple and complex. It’s an opportunity for players to earn thousands of Gil from their time spent crafting or earn passive income by maximizing their efforts in dungeons and hunts. In any case, the operation of the Market Board is an effective way to earn income when players use it correctly and follow its rules.


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