How to Get the Debug Stick in Minecraft 1.19 Update


The Debug Stick in Minecraft is a rare and coveted item, which is exclusive to the Java Edition and cannot be acquired in Bedrock. The staff is popular among fans for its unique ability to alter block states. Java Edition is widely considered the most customizable version of the game, and the debug stick is a good example of that.

According to the Minecraft Wiki, block states can best be described as follows:

“Additional data elements that further define a block, such as how it looks or behaves.”

This unique feature of the debug stick allows it to dictate how a block works and improve the overall player experience. It also makes Minecraft a world of endless possibilities. However, players must first obtain the stick.

Debug Stick in Minecraft Java Edition: A Complete Guide

According to the Minecraft Wiki, the debug stick is defined as follows:

“The debug stick is an item used to change the block states of blocks. It is visually the same as a regular stick, but with a glow (as if enchanted). The debug stick text is not in italic.”

To get the debug key, Minecraft players must meet the following conditions:

“The debug stick cannot be used in Survival or Adventure mode. It only works in Creative mode with cheats enabled. In non-Creative modes, it acts like a normal item – although when uses on a block, the player swings the stick as if you are interacting with it (but nothing happens).”

To reach it, you have to enter creative mode and activate the cheats. This is the only way the debug key can possibly work.

Debug Stick (Image via CurseForge)
Debug Stick (Image via CurseForge)

A command must be used to get the debug key. You can use /give or /item to achieve this goal. For example, “/give @s debug_stick” will work, where @ is the username of the player who needs the stick.

Minecraft aficionados can use the item on any block they wish to modify. However, just like when trying to attach a hopper to another block, they must be crouched.

What Players Can Do With a Debug Stick

When using a debug stick, crafters can change a lot about the block they are editing. For example, an anvil is placed down with its right side up while its long end runs east to west.

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The debug stick could allow players to flip it, knock it over, or otherwise.

If they wish to flip an oven upside down, to avoid seeing the opening while cooking (to remove the light), they can use a debug stick to do so.

The stick also allows players to change the way things push. For example, they could change the direction in which the vines grow to make them move horizontally rather than vertically. They could also fundamentally alter the way water flows, which can greatly affect the terrain. Almost everything in the game has a block state and these can all be changed with the debug stick.

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