How to get souls in Minecraft Dungeons


Minecraft Dungeons took a few basic features from Minecraft and worked with them. It retains several aspects of the original game, but it also packs a ton of new features and elements that go way beyond what standard Minecraft offers. This is one of the main reasons why so many players have played the hit Dungeon Crawler since its release in 2020.

One of those aspects is about souls, which are only present in Minecraft Dungeons. Souls are useful in the game, but can only be acquired in certain ways. Here’s how to get them and what to use them for.

Obtain souls in Minecraft Dungeons

Souls are a consumable item in Minecraft Dungeons. They can be obtained by killing monsters and later be used as an energy source for certain artifacts that require souls.

A true adventurer puts his soul into everything he does. And true adventurers also put the souls of others into it!

Souls can only be collected when an Artifact is equipped to use them, so they are often not collected. Additionally, certain armor, enchantments, and weapons can increase the number of souls you get from killing a single mob. Additionally, no soul will be collected if the player kills monsters with an artifact that uses them.

There are already a lot of Lost Souls inhabiting dungeons, so you might as well add another shock wave!

The following melee weapons used are soul related in Minecraft Dungeons:

  • Eternal Knife
  • Frost scythe
  • Jailer’s scythe
  • Daggers of the moon
  • Fists of the Soul
  • Soul Knife
  • Soul scythe
  • Truth Seeker
  • Fake skull

The following ranged weapons are also related to souls:

The Arc of Lost Souls is one of the best arcs in the game (Image via Mojang)
The Arc of Lost Souls is one of the best arcs in the game (Image via Mojang)
  • Wild Soul Crossbow
  • Nocturnal arc
  • Shivering Bow
  • Soul Bow
  • Soul crossbow
  • Soul Hunter’s Crossbow
  • Void Caller

There are several armors that are also related:

  • Dark armor
  • Frost bite
  • Grim armor
  • Mystery Armor
  • Phantom armor
  • Soul robe
  • Soul Dancer Robe
  • Titan Shroud
  • Verdant robe
  • Wither’s armor
  • Guardian armor

Finally, these artifacts use souls:

  • Corrupted Beacon
  • Corrupted pumpkin
  • Combine
  • Lightning rod
  • Soul healer
  • Quiver of Torment
  • Soul Lantern

Minecraft Dungeons players need to know which weapons are useful for souls and which artifacts need them so they can equip weapons to get more, like the Soul Knife which provides two souls per kill.

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