How to get Reboot Rally cosmetics and rewards in Fortnite


Active Fortnite players can’t wait to jump into the new Chapter 3 Season 4 update, but the game is now calling on new and old players to join them in its Reboot Rally event. It consists of quests that both types of players will have to do together in order to get some of the best cosmetics of the season so far. However, the event won’t last long, so you’ll need to act quickly. Here’s how to participate in the Reboot Rally and all the rewards it offers in Fortnite.

How to do the Reboot Rally quests

From now until October 3, active players can “tag” friends who haven’t logged more than two hours of gameplay in the last 30 days. It’s basically an invitation to play any mode and complete the Reboot Rally quests. If you’re an active player, you’ll see a restart symbol next to the names on your friends list, indicating that new players are eligible to receive this “rally” invite.

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Once they join your party, you then need to work together to collect points in the event quests. These Reboot Rally quests will primarily require you to complete Daily Challenges each day. So even if you’ve completed all available quests, you can come back the next day to complete more daily challenges and earn extra points. You can find all Reboot Rally quests below.

Restart Rally Quests Point rewards
Complete a daily quest with an eligible friend (can be completed once per day) 10 dots
Complete three daily quests with an eligible friend (can be completed once per day) 20 stitches
Complete six daily quests with an eligible friend (can be completed once per day) 30 dots
Complete a Battle Royale match with an eligible friend 10 dots
Win an eligible friend 50 dots
Earn XP with an eligible friend in Battle Royale, Zero Build, Team Rumble, or Creative 5 points

All Reboot Rally Rewards

Once you reach particular milestones, the event will be rewarded with an item from the Renegade Flame set. This includes new items in the set, such as the Fiery Descent Glider, while the Barb-BQ emote returns for players to own for free. Here’s a breakdown of each reward and their point requirements.

  • Barb-BQ emoticon: Earn 50 points
  • Freshly Forged Weapon Wrap: Earn 100 points
  • Pickaxe Red Hot Revenge: Earn 150 points
  • Fiery Descent Glider: Earn 200 points

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We highly recommend chasing after these cosmetics while the event is live, as it’s unclear if the new items will ever be available in the Item Shop. Otherwise, these will become incredibly rare down the road. The same can also be said for cosmetics in the recently released Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass. It comes with over 15 different outfits, such as Spider-Gwen and several bonus reward styles.


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