How to Get Beetroot in Cult of the Lamb


Beets are among the many seeds you can collect and use on your farm in Cult of the Lamb. Cult of the Lamb is an action-adventure game where you can start your cult and venture to different regions to build a loyal community of followers who spread your message.

Every cultist community needs agriculture and the Cult of the Lamb is no exception to this rule. The farming plot is one of the first structures the lamb can build in headquarters and when it comes to farming, seeds are essential.

This guide will tell you how to find the Beet Seed in Cult of the Lamb and some of the general ways to find different seeds in the game.

How to find seeds in Cult of the Lamb

The game allows you to acquire seeds for your farm using different methods. All of these methods have been briefly described below.


Enemies you kill often drop things like bones and meat. Similarly, mowing plants and even the humble grass will get you vegetables and flowers and exactly what you want: seeds.


There are many reputable sellers scattered in this game and some of them even sell seeds. One particular vendor that comes to mind is the one that shows up right outside the door of Anchordeep.


If the lamb builds an offering statue, the cultists can leave you any random item as a gift. However, you will likely get gold and building materials, as obtaining seeds as offers are rare.

How to find beet seeds

Beet Seeds are a high level vegetable in Cult of the Lamb that the Lamb will not see until it reaches Anchordeep or Silk Cradle, however, you can still purchase it from vendors. You can get Beet Seeds as a chest prize in Anchordeep.

Beet seeds look like two small beets with black dots. When fully matured and ready to harvest, they will have distinctive oversized leaves.

Beet plants are excellent as a low maintenance food with good health benefits. It is the main component of the Magnificent Mixed Meal, a recipe that has a 100% chance of building loyalty and preventing a cultist from sowing dissension.


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