How to Get All Stardew Valley Secret Statues


Stardew Valley contains a lot of secrets, from the loading screen, to the character customization screen, to the different objects that can be fished. Not only that, but Stardew Valley pretty much lets players do whatever they want with any item, like the mayor’s purple shorts on display during the fair. Even the end of day expedition screen has special effects that might go unnoticed by some players!

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It’s no surprise, then, that there are plenty of hidden prizes throughout the game for those who seek them out. For example, there are secret statues that players can find by fulfilling certain conditions or doing specific activities. However, most of these secrets can be tedious to obtain, so this list contains the information needed to obtain all of the secret statues!


ten ??Foroguemon??

Is it a mix between a frog, a dinosaur or a lizard? Who knows! It looks funky and can be a great piece to put on gamers, so might as well hang it.

To be blessed with the presence of this statue, players must go to 1 Willow Lane where Vincent lives with his mother, Jodi, and brother, Sam. Players must go to his room and place a Strange Bun in his chest to toys.

9 ??HMTGF??

This goofy looking statue can make anyone’s home or farm unique. From his odd box head to his deformed legs, ??HMTGF?? is quite a wonder to behold.

To bring this bad boy home, players will need to place a super cucumber in the brown box north of the blacksmith’s shop, inside the fenced area. This item cannot be sold, so make sure you have a special place to put it before grabbing it.

8 ??pink lemon??

Another weird and weird statue that players can decorate their house or farm with. Luckily, the guy’s only quirk is his socks, puffy rosy cheeks, and a fancy heart hanging from his head.

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In the back of the Stardrop Saloon, players will find a partially hidden purple box. Players must put Duck Mayonnaise in the box to unlock this hidden statue.

seven wumbus

The Wumbus Statue will take some time to obtain due to all the necessary objectives. This statue is obtained when players win the crane game inside the cinema during the summer season, and only when the movie “Wumbus” is playing.

However, to unlock the Cinema, players will need to complete the Community Center or any community upgrades offered by Morris.

6 Lewis in solid gold

If players already can’t get enough of Mayor Lewis, there’s a chance to get him permanently as a statue! Because who doesn’t want a statue of the mayor sitting around the farm?

To obtain this statue, players will first need to find Secret Note #19. When reading it, players will notice that it is a puzzle as to where to go. After tracking this location, players just need to right-click and it will be unlocked for them. Note that players can place this statue around Pelican Town for more secrets.

5 Gluttony Statue

This wise frog statue appears to be a dedication to Ginger Island’s hulking frog, the greedy frog. Unfortunately, players who want to meet the frog and find its statue must complete the community center, in which they can unlock the boat to travel to Ginger Island.

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To get the statue, players must fish it from Pirate Cove, which is in the southeast part of Ginger Island. There is only a 5% chance of catching it, but several can be obtained!

4 Iridium Krobus

Krobus is the well-known creature living in the sewers and has a variety of rare items for sale. The adorable creature can’t be romanticized, but he can be a housemate for those looking for a new pal! The statue to commemorate Krobus can be found through fishing. If players travel to the southernmost point of Cindersap Forest, near the entrance to the sewers, players can use the maximum distance to fish in that area.

Note that fishing level 15 is required to reach this distance. However, if players are level 10, they can consume Gold-grade Meerschaum Pudding which is cooked with Qi Seasoning to maximize the cast meter. Another alternative to reach this distance is to consume regular quality Meerschaum Pudding and then use a rod that is enchanted with the Master enchantment at the forge.

3 Pierre Junimo

This is another statue that is found through secret notes. Luckily, the player doesn’t need to find the note first to find the statue.

In order for the statue to be found, players cannot first purchase a JojaMart subscription. And then it’s behind the Community Center. Players will need to use a pickaxe or hoe to catch it.

2 stone owl

Unfortunately, the Stone Owl is a little harder to get because it’s a coincidence even that can happen. Note that this Stone Owl is not the same as the Stone Owl sold at the Night Market.

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There is a slim chance, 0.5% to be exact, of this event occurring. But if so, it even checks the same conditions as the strange capsule. An owl sound effect will play and this statue will appear in player farms.

1 statue of perfection

The Statue of Perfection isn’t an incredibly difficult secret, but there are certain requirements players need to meet to unlock this statue. Also, unlike most other secrets, this one will be useful to players.

Once Grandfather’s Shrine is unlocked, there will be four candles. Depending on specific needs, a number of these candles will be lit. Once all four are lit, players will receive this statue which will give them 2-8 Iridium Ore every day.

The point system is determined by specific achievements or milestones that occurred during the first two years. For those who want to be re-evaluated, they will have to place a diamond at Grandfather’s Shrine. There are twenty-one points in total, so players will only need to get twelve or more to reach four candles.

Stardew Valley is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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