How to find insignificant mysteries and enigmatic mysteries in the Shattered Realm (Ley Line Secrets Challenge)


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New seasonal activities for Destiny 2Season of the Lost includes the Shattered Realm, a place populated by scornful or captured enemies where players can activate beacons and various buffs to search for hidden treasures. Much like last week, yesterday’s reset created a new set of mysteries for you to uncover in the Shattered Realm, and Destiny 2 players can follow this guide to find them.

Align Beacons – Dream Scrap – Shattered Realm

Before delving deeper into the mysteries, it is important to note that it is mandatory to complete the activity once before attempting to obtain the Destiny 2 challenge completed, and that’s because completing it will unlock the True Sight upgrade. Then, on the second run, it is best to line up the two Beacons before unraveling the mysteries.

Destiny 2 Lanterns of the Shattered Realm

To align tags in Destiny 2, players must follow the same steps as last week’s Shattered Kingdom, but they must be careful of the floating lanterns that light the way. In fact, these will lead players to the first Beacon, which players can line up after defeating waves of enemy contempt. There will be several common leaders and enemies, including many Screebs, as well as an Overload Champion near the end.

fate 2 debris of dreams lanterns after beacon

For the second beacon, players must again follow the lanterns to find it. Once there, after activating the beacon, there will be waves of scornful enemies like the first one. The difference is that there will be Raiders instead of Screebs, and Abominations – including an Unstoppable Champion. Once the second beacon is aligned, players will now see lanterns lighting the path to the final boss, but they shouldn’t be heading there yet.

Destny 2 Dream Scrap Second Beacon

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Trivial Mystery – Debris of Dreams – Hidden Cache

For the first Trivial Mystery, players will need to follow the lanterns to the base of the climbing ladder, then head right towards the door. This will lead them outside, where an artifact granting True Sight will be found.

fate 2 hidden hidden trivial mystery true sight

Destiny 2 players need to grab the buff and quickly return to the ladder, climbing it by jumping.

Destiny 2 Hidden Stash Trivial Mystery Ladder

Once at the top of the ladder, players must then go right and open the chest to their left. Caring for enemies of contempt can cause the True Sight buff to expire, missing the chest and forcing the whole process to be redone.

fate 2 hidden cache trivial mystery

Trivial Mystery – Debris of Dreams – The Secret Stash

This trivial mystery is the easiest, as players will find another chest near the one in the Hidden Cache. This will require the Breach Barrier buff, which is conveniently placed both outside the barrier and inside the chest area, so players can easily get out if they’re short on time.

fate 2 the secret hiding place mystery trivial

Enigmatic Mystery – Wreckage of Dreams – Shipyard Secrets

Now players must follow the lanterns to teleport the final boss of Debris of Dreams and get inside.

fate 2 enigmatic mystery shipyard secrets boss portal

Once there, however, players should not activate the beacon in the area, as it will summon the boss. Instead, players should go to the left of the beacon and look for a metal balcony.

fate 2 enigmatic mystery shipyard secrets boss beacon

Here, players must jump on the railing and search for a shiny artifact on a ledge. Once spotted, players should carefully jump and land on the ledge, then activate the artifact.

Destiny 2 enigmatic mystery shipyard secrets ledge

This will reveal a hidden chest that players can collect for the Mystery of Secrets of the Shipyard, which also happens to be the first two-of-two puzzle for this week.

fate 2 enigmatic mystery secrets of the shipyard

Trivial Mystery – Debris of Dreams – Refined Mystery

Now, Destiny 2 players must return to the ledge and follow the rocky path until they spot a large building below. Players must head to the base of the building, under the stairs, where there is a barrier.

fate 2 trivial mystery refined mystery barrier

Players can then grab the nearby Brech Barrier buff and grab the loot from the chest inside the room.

fate 2 mystery trivial refined mystery

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Trivial Mystery – Debris of Dreams – The Underhang

From there, players must take the stairs above the room. Above it there will be a suspended platform and players have to jump on it. After that, players must jump to another ledge and briefly follow the path. There will be a ascending anchor there, and players should use it as a landmark for the next jump. In fact, there will be a ledge with a cave in front of the players, and it can only be accessed by carefully jumping there.

destiny 2 the underhang true view

Next, players need to activate the True Sight artifact and jump to the platforms following the path.

fate 2 trivial mystery the underhang (1)

At the end, there will be another cache; players can collect the loot, then activate the nearby True Sight artifact to return to the cave entrance above.

destin-2-trivial-mystery-the-underhang- (2) -1

Enigmatic Mystery – Debris of Dreams – Lost Outpost

For the second enigmatic mystery, players must enter the cave and take care of the enemies inside. Then, on a rocky ledge, there will be another True Sight artifact that players should use.

fate 2 enigmatic mystery lost outpost (1)

This will open a path to a chest near the cave ceiling, which players will need to collect and then return to the entrance.

fate 2 enigmatic mystery lost outpost (3)

Trivial Mystery – Debris of Dreams – The Hidden Path

From the cave entrance, players must turn left and follow the path to a wider area. On their left, there will be another cave entrance, which requires a jump to access it.

fate 2 trivial mystery the hidden path (3)

Once inside, players must defeat nearby enemies and make their way to the cave exit, which will bring players back to the very first True Sight artifact they interacted with.

fate 2 trivial mystery the hidden path (4)

Activating it will show hidden platforms and a chest to loot. From there, players should jump instead of turning around.

fate 2 trivial mystery the hidden path (2)

Trivial Mystery – Debris of Dreams – The Perilous Path

For the penultimate trivial mystery, players should now opt for a series of rocky ledges to their right, accessible via a jump or two. They should follow the path that goes up from there and also face the enemies. Soon another True Sight artifact will be near the edge of the Floating Island and players should activate it.

fate 2 trivial mystery the perilous path (2)

After a series of jumps on the newly formed path, players will land in an area where they will be slowed down.

fate 2 trivial mystery the perilous path (3)

By going directly to the opposite end of the floating rock, players must activate the True Sight Destiny 2 artifact found there.

fate 2 trivial mystery the perilous path (4)

This will reveal a new path going up and The Perilous Path chest. Destiny 2 triumph.

fate 2 trivial mystery the perilous path (1)

Trivial Mystery – Debris of Dreams – Supply Reserve

For the last trivial mystery, players must return to the rocky ledge from which they came to retrieve the previous one. This will again require a True Sight artifact.

fate 2 trivial mystery supply reserve (2)

From there, players must move forward until they find a Breach Barrier artifact and then interact with it.

fate 2 trivial mystery supply reserve (3)

The last chest is in a room in front of you and collecting it will complete all of the trivial mysteries and enigmatic mysteries needed to complete the weekly challenge.

fate 2 trivial mystery supply reserve (1)

At this point, however, players must return to the boss area from the first enigmatic mystery, and this time they must activate the beacon and kill the boss.

Destiny 2 Dream Scrap Boss Beacon (2)

Aligning this beacon will complete the Shattered Realm activity and the Secrets of the Ley Lines challenge will be completed.

Fate Ley Line Secrets Challenge 2

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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