Genshin Impact Yelan guide: his kit, best weapons and artifacts


Welcome to another week of Genshin Impact guides. Last week we entered the Beidou build in preparation for the new Electro x Dendro – Catalyze reaction. This week will be all about a Hydro 5 Star Support character who will be the perfect asset to use the Hydro x Dendro – Bloom Reaction. This week’s character, if not obvious by his large photo, will be the mysterious arc-wielder, Yelan. Yelan’s build is very different from most, but once understood, she’s easy to use and will be a great member for multiple teams.

Yelan is a great support DPS and an amazing upgrade to longtime Hydro character Xingqiu. Yelan has a powerful Elemental Burst that will first inflict Hydro DMG. Then this burst will then produce a small dice that will follow the character around the field to consistently inflict Hydro DMG on the opponent alongside normal attacks. Distributed Hydro DMG comes from Yelan’s base HP – this is one of the reasons Artifact HP is so valuable to Yelan, but we’ll get to that later. Its burst has a 15 second duration with an 18 second cooldown, which means it only has 3 seconds of downtime. His burst is also a great boon to other characters in the field, as his passive allows the active character (while still inside Yelan’s burst) to inflict 50% DMG.

Now for Yelan’s elemental skill: Yelan will sprint forward and apply a Hydro mark to any enemy she comes across, which will then explode to inflict Hydro DMG when she completes her sprint ability, so the ideal rotation is that the players will use it first. skill to collect particles and apply Hydro with damage, then they will follow Yelan’s burst in which they can change her to start applying additional DMG via other elemental reactions like Vaporize or Electro-charged. While Yelan’s normal attack can be used from time to time when trying to use her breakthrough attack, it won’t benefit players enough to incorporate it into a normal rotation when trying to deal maximum damage. .

Yelan’s talents that should be prioritized should be first, burst her as high as possible as that is her most important ability, followed by her skill. Yelan’s normal attack doesn’t require much attention, but as always, players are free to continue leveling up as they wish.

Best Weapons

• Best 5 stars: Aqua Simulacra

This weapon was made for Yelan, not only in its design, but also because it gives an incredible amount of CRIT DMG and HP is increased by 16%. Then, when there are opponents nearby, the DMG inflicted by the wielder of this weapon is increased by 20%, which will take effect whether the character is on the field or not. This is important because for most playstyles, Yelan will indeed be an off-pitch support character.

• Best F2P and 4 stars overall: Favonius Warbow

This weapon is a great F2P weapon as it is given to all players after defeating the main Mondstat boss in the main questline. Additionally, the bow can also be obtained from the Standard Banner, Featured Banner, and Weapon Banner. The reason this weapon is so wonderful is that it gives Yelan an insane amount of ER when she herself needs all the ER she can get. Also, because Yelan scales for HP and not ATK, low base ATK doesn’t matter too much.

• Best 3 star: Slingshot

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many amazing 3-star weapons for Yelan, but if one had to choose, the Slingshot would be the best option. DMG only applies to elemental skill and burst though, so normal attacks really won’t do much damage with this bow.

Digging into artifacts

Yelan is a bit different from the other characters we’ve covered so far. To start, players should opt for HP% Sands, a Hydro DMG goblet, and Crit DMG / Crit Rate on its circle as their primary stat. When it comes to sub stats, players should focus on ER, HP%, CRIT Rate, and CRIT DMG.

• Exile:

As always, we’ll start with Artifacts for our AR45 players who haven’t started farming Artifacts yet. Players will want to use a 4 piece set as using his Elemental Burst will regenerate 2 energy for all party members (except Yelan) every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.

• Emblem of Broken Fate:

As mentioned earlier, the Emblem of Severed Fate set benefits many characters, Yelan being one of them. A 4-piece set will increase his Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of his energy recharge for a maximum of 75% bonus DMG. This set is considered one of the best sets for Yelan.

• Tenacity of the Millelith x Emblem of Broken Fate:

This is great for players who maybe want a little more HP% boost, which again greatly influences Yelan’s DMG performance. In addition, the 2-piece emblem will be a nice addition to his ER, which is also very important for building Yelan.

Good, you have it now! Yelan is a great addition to many teams and will definitely be a great addition to our two new characters, Tighnari and Collei. Even when not being used in a Dendro x Hydro bloom team, Yelan can work with many different elements and benefit from more elemental types in her party, which will increase her damage output. With Sumeru just around the corner, we’ll be sure to cover all the new characters and help you prepare for the next chapter of Genshin. As always, if you have a character you’d like to learn more about, please comment their name below. Those who want to learn more about last week’s main character, Beidou, can check out this guide. See you next week for another Genshin guide.


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