First ‘Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Competitive’ Trailer Out Now, Reveals New Moves, Battle Items, and More Interesting Gameplay


The Pokemon Company adds to the Pokemon scarlet and violet hype today as they release a new trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Switch game. This time, the new trailer focuses more on details regarding the game’s unique gameplay and new combat features.

As first revealed by previous game teasers, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will feature a bunch of new gameplay features that will change the way the game is played. Plus, we’ve already been told that this next-gen Pokemon game will feature new Pokemon, from cute ones to mighty legendary ones.

The new gameplay trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet begins with what appears to be a Pokemon battle arena inside a school facility or a training academy for Pokemon trainers. The trailer tells us that there will be new additions to bring more excitement to Pokemon Battles.

Entering the battle is a new dragon/normal type cyclizar

In the first scene, we see a Pokémon battle between a boy trainer and a girl trainer about to begin. The first released a Cloyster, and the schoolgirl released a new Pokemon. This one will be called Cyclizar. According to CNET, Cyclizar is a dragon Pokémon that resembles a bicycle. This new Pokemon looks like a simpler version of the game’s legendary standouts, Koraidon and Miraidon. Dragon/Normal types are actually quite rare in the Pokémon universe. Bulbapedia, the Pokemon Almanac, tells us that Cyclizar might be the second Dragon/Normal type to enter the game, the first being Placid Pokemon Drampa.

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Entering the game with Cyclizar is a new move called Shed Tail. Shed Tail is a cool, more practical version of the Substitute move. In this new move, a Pokémon can create a cloned copy or replace it on the battlefield, which can take damage for the Pokémon for a single turn. Other than that, the Pokémon using Shed Tail can then swap places with a waiting party Pokémon. Simply put, Shed Tail moves Substitute and Baton Pass into one.

Shed Tail is based on the defense mechanism that most real lizards use in nature. When faced with a threat, a lizard may choose to sever its tail to distract a pursuing predator.

New items are coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The first item featured in the gameplay trailer is the Mirror Herb. Mirror Grass is an item that copies an opponent’s stat increases when consumed. This can be the perfect item to use against Pokemon that love moves like Dragon Dance and Swagger.

Another new item is charged dice. Charged dice make multi-strike moves more likely to hit more times. Use this item with the Bullet Seed and Fury Swipes moves to unlock its full damage potential. You will no longer worry about your Bullet Seed running out of hits when your opponent’s Pokemon goes critical.

Terastallizing is a new take on “shiny” Pokémon

This feature that turns the Pokemon into a gem state has already been featured in early Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailers. With the Terastallizing mechanic, Pokémons can change their type and can even gain a useful advantage. Changing types can be useful in many game situations.

But this new feature is more than its combat features. No one can deny that this terastallization mechanic makes Pokemon even better. Now Pokémon can shine like a diamond.

Apart from that, we have another new movement. This one is called Tera Blast. This move is a perfect complement with Pokemons under the Terastallized condition as this move allows the user to switch types when the user is Terastallized.

More previews to come as we get closer to the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The game will be available worldwide on November 18!

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