English Dub Review: Don’t Hurt Me, My Healer! “We’ve finally reached the final episode…”



The group confronts the evil mage: Dorman.

Our opinion :

Alvin, Carla and everyone else enter the dwarf village. The villagers were all captured by Brigan and the rest of Dorman’s henchmen. Carla, Alvin, and Ryoko enter his lair and they manage to get the artifact. Alvin tries to use it, but he’s helpless right now. Carla is captured and everyone else retreats.

Alvin talks to the artifact and to reach its full power, Carla must cast a spell on it. They all return to the lair, rescue Carla, and she casts a spell on the crown. They then battle Dorman’s army. Altargaia receives reinforcements, like all those Alvin and Carla encountered in the forest. After this battle, Carla assists Alvin in his fight against Dorman. Alvin defeats Dorman, returns the artifact, and returns to his adventure with his group.

A notable event that occurs in the episode is that Alvin and Carla are over 300 yards apart. At first, Alvin thinks the artifact broke the curse. Later, when he tells the artifact about it in front of Carla, it is strongly implied that Carla never cursed Alvin in the first place. I’m mixed because of Carla’s attitude towards Alvin. If she was more candid with her feelings about him, I’d like it more.

I was bored for the first half of this episode, but the second half is fine. It was nice to see the other characters coming back for this final battle. More precisely, those that I like like the thief for example. However, the plot with the dwarves seemed pointless. This episode could have happened anywhere else and it wouldn’t have made any difference. Carla casting an “enhancement spell” on Dorman to help Alvin for one was a nice touch, but the final battle overall was poor. Overall, it’s an average finish.


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