Elden Ring: How to find Game of Thrones Easter Egg Sword


Ultimately, though, there’s nothing really “special” about this fight. You’re going to have to learn how to make the most of certain limited damage windows and conserve your stamina so that your reserves aren’t depleted each time one of those windows opens, but lots of patience (and, if you have available to you, some powerful spells) will help you survive this fierce enemy.

If you’re wondering if all that trying is worth it, take a look at this incredible colossal sword that Leonine Misbegotten drops as soon as it’s dropped:

Not only is this sword a great option for Force players looking for a massive new weapon to wield (assuming you have the 40 Force points to wield it, that is), but it comes with a unique and valuable skill called “Oath of Vengeance” which temporarily increases all of your attributes when activated. It’s not one of the absolute best weapons in the game (although that’s in this conversation for some builds), but you can definitely get a lot out of it. It’s also the ‘Le Morne Sword’ that you need to acquire to complete the quest Edgar assigns you (if you met him at Le Morne Castle).

More importantly, this sword is obviously a reference to the Iron Throne of the Song and Ice and Fire series: the fantastic series created by Ring of Elden collaborator George RR Martin.

Much like the Iron Throne, the Grafted Blade Greatsword was crafted from various weapons acquired by whoever originally wielded it. Indeed, the description of the weapon’s purpose may even try to suggest that the creator of the sword came from the Seven Kingdoms (at least I believe that’s what the curious reference to a “country now disappeared” can make a sly reference).

So while there is an interesting discussion to be had about George RR Martin’s actual contribution to Ring of EldenIt’s nice to see that FromSoftware has found some time to pay homage to one of Martin’s most iconic creations.


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