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New York City auctioneer Doyle offered buyers an opportunity for wonderful numismatic holiday gifts, or personal indulgences, at his November 23 auction which included a rich selection of coin jewelry. of currency.

The flashiest was certainly a 1907 $ 20 high relief gold Saint-Gaudens double eagle that had been mounted in a bezel with a “stylized finger holder”.

It was noted About Uncirculated by the auctioneer, who observed slight wear on the chest and high spots, with some sheen present in the protected areas.

It sold for $ 9,075 against an estimate of $ 3,000 to $ 5,000, a hefty price tag considering that another high relief double eagle from Saint-Gaudens from 1907 mounted in a telescope came in. sold for $ 5,520 at a heritage auction in 2020.

More affordable was a 1912 Indian Head quarter eagle at $ 2.50 mounted on a 14k gold ring, simply graded Fine by the auctioneer, which grossed $ 605.

Likewise, a 1910 Indian Head’s $ 10 gold eagle in a single bezel sold for $ 1,089, which is the price an “ex-jewelry” example would bring to the wholesale market.

Embellished cufflinks

Those looking for cufflinks had several options, the most impressive of which was a pair of $ 5 1886 gold Coronet half eagles “set on a beautiful background and adorned for cufflinks”.

The lapels were covered by the mounts, hiding Mint markings and thus obscuring which US Mint struck them.

The handsome duo sold for $ 1,815.

Continuing the trend of outfitting those who “dress to impress”, one set contained two gold money clips, mounted separately with an 1876-S and 1895 Coronet double gold eagle, each simply noted as “Fine”; the lot sold for $ 4,235.

Heavy metal

An instant collection could be found in a 14k gold bracelet with eight American gold coins mounted as charms. Coins included 1852 Coronet and 1854 Indian Head gold dollars, an 1874 Indian Head gold $ 3 coin, 1882-S and 1898 Coronet half eagles, 1847 and 1907 Coronet eagles, and an 1898- Coronet double eagle. S. Total weight approached 150 grams and the pieces were graded cautiously from fine to very fine by Doyle.

The “heavy metal” set sold for $ 10,890.

Not all coin jewelry featured American coins. A pair of Napoleon Head of France gold coins set with plain back cufflinks made $ 847 of an estimate of $ 400 to $ 600. As with the other cufflinks, the cuffs of the pieces were covered by the frames.

Some jewelry featured pieces in metals other than gold. A pair of earrings using British silver groats, rated Good, sold for $ 272 out of an estimate of $ 200 to $ 300.

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