Don’t Starve Together Update 2.42 Set For Crafting Changes This April 5th


Klei has released the Don’t Starve Together 2.42 patch, which contains a slew of crafting tweaks and improvements. On top of that, there are also gameplay-related bug fixes, all of which are listed in the April 5 Don’t Starve Together patch notes.

Don’t Starve Together Update 2.42 Patch Notes | April 5 Don’t Starve Together Patch Notes:

Don’t Starve Together Patch 2.42 – 04/05/2022 (PlayStation 4)

Changes to crafting menu:

  • Pins are now saved to your profile instead of for each world.
  • Added a page system for the toolbar.
    • The number of pages can be configured with “Crafting Pin Pages” in the Advanced Settings menu.
    • Use left and right D-Pad to switch pages.
    • Note: Existing pin configurations will be reset to default.
  • Pinned recipes can now change skins.
    • Using the D-Pad left and right when the menu is open.
    • Pressing Circle on an empty pin slot will also set the pin.
  • Skin selection is now locked so you don’t have to go back if you take the wrong path.
  • Inventory bar selection now loops if you press the right stick at the end slots (holding direction will not loop, stopping at the end).
  • Added sensitivity settings for the crafting menu and inventory bar navigation in the Advanced Settings menu.
    • Partially or fully holding the analog stick in one direction will now affect speed.
    • The default setting for inventory sensitivity is the current speed.
  • All professions will attempt to pick the items with the smallest stack size. The priority of the item is:
    • All open containers except backpacks first.
      • If the number of stacks is the same, it will pick the items closer to the bottom of the container.
    • Your inventory is next.
      • If the number of stacks is the same, it will choose the items closest to the left side of your inventory.
    • If equipped, your backpack is next.
      • If the number of stacks is the same, it will choose the elements closest to the left side.
  • Filters will now indicate if there are pre-built structures.
  • Fixed a bug where pinbar pages could not be changed when the crafting menu is open.
  • Fixed a bug where the prototype indicator on filters was not showing.
  • Lavas will no longer be able to be targeted for attack while frozen.
  • Varglets will correctly summon hounds now.
  • Restored the Bird Trap to require science machine prototyping.
  • Fixed a crash and duplication bugs while a beefalo disappears with its bound owner.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a world with pending dog spawns.
  • Fixed a crash when haunting a Varg.
  • Fixed a crash when going to caves as the dogs are about to arrive.
  • Fixed fireflies being able to be caught during the day.
  • Fixed a rare client loading crash.
  • Fixed character overrides like Wurt’s Warpaint not applying after resurrection.

Source: Klei


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