Different Levels of Loyalty Enchantment in Minecraft


Enchantments are one of the most interesting gameplay mechanics Minecraft has to offer. Enchantment allows players to make significant upgrades to their weapons, tools, armor sets, and other in-game items. Most enchantments in the game are item-specific, meaning they are specifically designed for an object or a class of objects.

The trident is a unique weapon in Minecraft that can only be found underwater and has a rare chance of being wielded by the “drowned” mob. While they do a ton of damage if a player gets hit with one, they can also be one of the most effective weapons in the game. Tridents can serve as both ranged weapons and melee. The ranged aspect of the trident also includes an option to charge it as a bow.

Four different enchantments can be applied to the trident in-game. These include channeling (allows players to strike other mobs or surfaces with lightning during a thunderstorm), impale (deals additional damage to water mobs) , Riptide (throws the player forward through water or rain) and the loyalty enchantment, which is the subject of this article.

What each level of Loyalty Enchantment means in Minecraft

Loyalty is an enchantment specifically designed for tridents. It allows the trident to return to the player once it hits its target. This ensures that the trident is not lost or misplaced, as finding another one can be quite difficult. However, according to the Minecraft Wiki, if a player dies after throwing a trident, it simply drops as a random item and may disappear after a while.

There are three levels of loyalty enchantment: Loyalty I, Loyalty II, and Loyalty III. The increasing number or level of the enchantment indicates how quickly the trident will return to the player who cast it.

A Loyalty I Trident takes the longest to return to the player, with a Loyalty II Trident taking slightly less time. However, a trident enchanted with the Loyalty III enchantment returns to the player as soon as possible.

Although the effects of the loyalty enchantment on a thrown trident can take place anywhere in the same dimension, it is imperative to note that tridents cannot travel between realms.

Therefore, if a Minecrafter travels from the lower dimension to the overworld and happens to throw down their trident imbued with loyalty below, they will not receive it once they arrive in the overworld. The trident will be inside the Nether, will not disappear, and will return to the player when they re-enter the Nether.

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