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Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted’s Seasonal Artifact is known as the Nightmare Harvester. This artifact is given to the Guardians by Eris Morn as a way to contain the defeated Nightmares in the Crown of Sorrow with the intention of preventing Calus from taking over the Moon Pyramid.

To get the Destiny 2 Seasonal Artifact for Season 17, the Nightmare Harvester, you will only need to complete the initial mission called Operation Midas, after which you will find yourself in HELM. From there, head to the west wing where you’ll find the Crown of Sorrow. Interact with it and you will have a dialogue with Eris Morn where she will give you the Nightmare Harvester.

Crown of pain.
How to Upgrade the Nightmare Harvester Seasonal Artifact

The Nightmare Harvester levels up as your character gains XP throughout the season. This progress is shared by all characters on the same account. To take the artifact to the next level, you must first purchase a number of mods:

  • Level 2: 2 mods purchased
  • Tier 3: 5 mods purchased
  • Level 4: 9 mods purchased
  • Level 5: 14 mods purchased
How to Level Up the Nightmare Harvester Quickly

Here are some tips for quickly upgrading your Nightmare Harvester:

  • Take bounties and challenges as they can provide a lot of XP each time you turn them in, especially the weekly seasonal challenges.
  • Equip XP mods to your ghost to get an extra boost to your XP gain.
  • Be sure to take advantage of the Well Rested buff you get every week.
Nightmare Harvester Seasonal Artifact Mods

The Nightmare Harvester has 25 mods in total, as shown here:

  • Level 1 Nightmare Harvester
    • Armor-Piercing Handguns: Handguns gain armor-piercing shells, which bypass fighters’ defenses. Strong against Barrier Champions. (1 energy cost)
    • Overload towers: Continuous firing from your equipped Auto Rifles and SMGs grants bullets that stun combatants, delaying ability energy regeneration and reducing damage dealt to combatants. Strong against overload champions. (1 energy cost)
    • Unstoppable Scout Rifle: If you aim for a short time, the scout rifles you wield fire a powerful explosive payload that stuns unprotected combatants. Strong against unstoppable champions. (1 energy cost)
    • Unstoppable Glaive: Glaives you wield fire a powerful explosive payload that stuns unshielded combatants. Strong against unstoppable champions. (3 Energy cost)
    • Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifle: Pulse Rifles, you wield armor-piercing fire shield rounds and stun barrier champions. Pulse Rifles deal bonus damage to Barrier Champions. (1 energy cost)
  • Level 2 Nightmare Harvester
    • shotgun holster: Gradually reloads your slowed shotguns over time. Multiple copies of this stack of perks to reduce the time it takes to fully recharge. (1 energy cost)
    • Traceable Rifle Ammo Finder: Increases your chance of finding special ammo when equipped with a trace rifle. (1 energy cost)
    • Nightmarish Opulence: Increases the duration of the Psychohack origin trait and the effect of the Extrovert origin trait. (1 energy cost)
    • Pulse Rifle Targeting: Improved target acquisition, accuracy, and down-sight speed for Pulse Rifles. (1 energy cost)
    • Handgun holster: Gradually reloads your holstered handguns over time. Multiple copies of this stack of perks to reduce the time it takes to fully recharge. (1 energy cost)
  • Level 3 Nightmare Harvester
    • Shotgun Dexterity: Faster prep and stow speed for shotguns. (1 energy cost)
    • Tracer Rifle Reserves: Increases the amount of Trace Rifle ammo you can carry. (1 energy cost)
    • Unquenchable Thirst: Increases the buff effect of the original trait To Excess and the healing effect of the original trait Souldrinker. (1 energy cost)
    • Dying Star Armor: Reduces incoming solar and void damage from fighters. (2 Energy cost)
    • Handgun Dexterity: Faster prepare and stow speed for handguns. (1 energy cost)
  • Level 4 Nightmare Harvester
    • Overload Trace Rifles: Continuous firing from your equipped Trace Rifles causes the beam to stun fighters, delaying the ability’s energy regeneration and reducing damage dealt to fighters. (3 Energy cost)
    • Revitalizing Breath: Stunning a champion sets them on fire and removes the stun from your shield. (4 Energy Cost)
    • Searing heat: Dealing damage with a solar ability weakens champions for a short duration. (6 Energy Cost)
    • Molten overload: Sun Grenades cause Disruption, delay ability regeneration, and reduce damage dealt to fighters. Strong against overload champions. (2 Energy cost)
    • Glaive of dreams: While you have a Glaive equipped, the Unstable Essence buff gained from picking up items dropped by Nightmares has double its normal duration. (2 Energy cost)
  • Level 5 Nightmare Harvester
    • Class catering: Activating your Solar class abilities grants you restoration. (6 Energy Cost)
    • Radiant Orbs: Picking up a Power Orb makes you radiant. (5 energy cost)
    • Precision Rays: When radiant, Solar Precision Finishers cause fighters to ignite. (6 Energy Cost)
    • Flame Harvest: Last Exotic Sunbursts create Solar Elemental Wells. (5 energy cost)
    • Solar Fulfillment: Your ignitions deal increased damage in an increased radius. (3 Energy cost)

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