Danco Transmission BBP Ep 91 The Brady Bunch


With a returning host and the largest collection of guests at once, there’s no better time for the Danco Transmission Bearcat Bounce podcast. Brady Collins has become honorary co-host of the BBP and tonight his four assistants join the team for a unique look at the football program. Danny Folino, Austin Stephan, Jeremiah Ortiz and Dustin Tripp discuss their journey through their football careers into coaching, reminisce about some past players and events, talk about the current squad and where things are headed before having a surprise from Brady himself. Brent Young, Aaron Smith and Chad Brendel, who recently returned from the west, then summarize recruiting news from both sports and take a look at recent basketball happenings before diving headfirst into the BBP Mailbag. All that and more this week on the BBP presented by BearcatJournal.com.

Here are the timestamps of the urban artifacts

0:00 – 1:17:00 Brady and the Boys
1:17:00 – 1:18:00 Urban Artifact timestamp
1:18:00 – 1:29:00 Chad recaps West Coast
1:29:00 – 1:30:00 Urban Artifact timestamp
1:30:00 – 1:44:00 Hoops Crootin’
1:44:00 – 1:45:00 Urban Artifact timestamp
1:45:00 – 1:55:00 Football Crootin’
1:55:00 – 1:56:00 Urban Artifact timestamp
1:56:00 – 2:28:00 Bearcat Bounce Mailbag


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