Cult $3 Maya Gold Green & Black chocolate lands at Coles


It’s taken years, but fans of the popular item can now get their hands on it after the makers finally decided to release it in Australia.

For the first time ever, Australians will be able to get their hands on a cult British item after fans begged manufacturers to stock it Down Under.

If you’re British, chances are you know all about Green and Black’s hugely popular Maya gold bar.

Well, the London-based chocolate maker has finally listened to the hopes and dreams of its overseas fans by launching the bar in Coles stores across the country.

“Brits Abroad and Australians have been eager to get their hands on Maya Gold for some time,” Paul Chatfield, senior marketing manager for Green & Black’s ANZ, told

“In fact, we’ve been inundated with customer requests and comments from expats wanting to sample Maya Gold without having to fly internationally.”

Paul said the chocolate bar, made mostly of cocoa-flavored dark chocolate, had been a best-seller in the UK for many years.

“So the chance to make it readily available in Coles and IGA stores is a huge win for chocolate lovers in Australia.”

The Central American-themed chocolate bar features flavors inspired by the traditional spicy chocolate drink of the Mayan civilization.

“We like to say that profiting from Maya Gold is like breaking a square of gold,” Paul said.

“It is based on a traditional and popular chocolate drink from Belize and is a rich dark chocolate with a hint of orange, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla. A dark chocolate with 60% cocoa, it will appeal to both milk chocolate lovers and dark chocolate lovers.

Joining the Maya Gold bar release in Australia is Organic Sea Salt Milk Chocolate – which happens to be one of Green & Black’s top 10 selling chocolate blocks in the UK.

“Before launching into the country, there was no chocolate that matched the taste of 37% organic milk chocolate with sea salt which was readily available in major supermarkets. It offers something completely new for Australians,” said Paul.

The two new bars will arrive at Coles and IGA stores nationwide beginning April 30 for $4.25 each.

And to celebrate, Green & Black’s is offering a rare chocolate-inspired sensory experience to a handful of lucky Australians.

“We wanted to take a block of chocolate and create a wild sensory experience in nature to intensify the flavors of the Green & Black range,” Paul told

In partnership with In2thewild, a provider of luxury eco-friendly accommodation, each of the seven winners will be immersed in a revitalizing escape to the heart of Australia.

“Chocolate lovers can escape off the grid to a fairytale destination with nothing but nature,” Paul added.

Contest winners will stay two nights in a tiny house of their choice, receive a basket of Green & Black chocolates and a $400 travel voucher with a full experience valued at $1,110.

Entries close May 4, 2022. For more information and details on how to enter, click here.

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