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Long-awaited Legendary Item revamp is finally coming to Standing Stone Game Lord of the Rings Online. And there was a lot of celebration … wasn’t there? Last week saw the first public look at SSG’s third iteration of one of the game’s most integrated systems. Legendary items have been a staple of the game since Mines of Moria in 2008, the game’s very first expansion. Legendary items were marketed as a weapon that would align with you, constantly growing and strengthening. The reality fell short of that, however, as weapons and class items had their own levels that matched the character level, and it was safe to swap LIs every 5 character levels or so, although it was not. not absolutely necessary.

Imbuement entered the game in 2015 when the max level was 100, and LI’s item level ended there. Originally, according to the developer diary published by Frelorn, the impregnation was intended to completely replace the system. However, at the time, there weren’t enough resources to implement a full replacement, and as we later found out, the coding would not allow the impregnation system to perform beyond the standards. Level 100 items. The workaround then was to increase the Imbued Inheritance levels for those level 100 legendary items, creating significant work to maximize LI.

So, what changes with this new LI system? The first and most obvious change is the terminology. Instead of titles, heirlooms, and relics, we now have tracery. Additionally, legendary items are completely absent from any stats outside of DPS and base damage. There are 12 total trace slots on weapons and 13 slots on class items. 11 are unlocked on a level 121-130 item, and it has been noted that tracery slots on lower level items will start with fewer slots open and the rest will unlock as the levels of the level go. character. It is assumed that the last slot will unlock at level 131+, but there has been no confirmation for this. For the moment, the traceries that you acquire are held accountable, according to Vastin, systems designer, during this past Friday + Rope of the Rings flux.

The traceries are available in 3 flavors:

  • Heraldry: These replace LI titles, as well as passive stats which were completely random and not always the most useful (although, to be fair, those stats may still not be of use to you). These will also include damage type modifiers, but these were not included for this preview. Vastin mentioned that from the live implementation the only type of damage will be Beleriand damage, but other damage types will be included later. Only one heraldic trace can be added to an LI.
  • Power Word: These are more role-based tracery to improve your skills. For example, if you are a healer in a group, you can use a healing over time (HoT) plot and a critical rate / HoT magnitude plot, but when you’re working on a landscape and want more damage, you can insert an area of ​​effect critical chance / magnitude or damage over time plot to kill things faster. Weapons can have 2 Word of Power tracies and class items can have three. Currently, this means Guardians and Hunters are at a disadvantage, as their second LI is another weapon, but there is a possibility that this will be resolved in the future.
  • Mastery Word: These correspond to class inheritances. In many cases, old class inheritances are transferred exactly to new ones, such as Hunter skill inheritances like Heart Seeker Damage, [etc.] One of the more controversial changes, however, is the current lack of a Champion Crit Multiplier plot. There are 6 plots per LI.
  • Word of Craft: These are simple stat bonuses. According to Vastin, the “craftsmanship” in the title is not accidental, as these are meant to be made. These paths are also unique in that they will be able to be stacked, and stacking particular paths will provide defined bonuses. There are 3 Word of Craft plotting locations available by LI. During this Bullroarer preview, a level 130 weapon had 2 of these slots available with the third being locked, as previously discussed.

While legendary items will no longer be differentiated by age, tracery will have four different drop rarities: Uncommon, Rare, Incomparable, and Legendary, in the same way other items in the game are ranked. While Vastin did mention that there would be a barter NPC to get particular plots that a player might be interested in, it’s still unclear exactly how players will get plots while playing the game. There are a few new currencies that are coming out. will be used to trade specific traceries. Old scripts are the new base currency. They will go into your wallet if you have one, and they will be held to account. There will most likely be a cap, because on Thursday during the preview there was a cap of 1,000 implemented scripts. However, when it was brought up in the forums, Raninia, the new producer of the SSG team, said that the the ceiling was subject to change. For higher rarity plots, players will also need a cracked plot. These are upgraded currencies that are currently needed for the incomparable and legendary traceries.

Reforging is still part of the LI system. It’s no longer based on weapon level, but character level. Reworking an LI will increase the LI’s DPS / HPS and item level, up to a range within your character’s current level. When I reforged my Hunter LI bow on a 130 character, the LI item level increased to 445 and then the tracery starts at item level 400. The LI item level is the height of the levels in objects. So, how do you increase the levels of tracery objects? This is where the grind sets in. Instead of Scrolls of Empowerment, there are now items called Enhancement Runes. These are used to increase trace levels. As of the preview, you could only use one buff rune at a time on level 130 items, just like current SoEs. It has been hinted that there might be upgrade runes that will increase multiple levels, but they likely won’t be available at launch. Cordovan also said on the forums that there was technology in development to allow multiple upgrade runes to be used at the same time, in the same way that IXP runes can be added to current LIs.

Upgrade runes are * also * available in different drop rarities, identical to tracery. Different rarities can increase a tracery’s item level up to a point. All four rarities of upgrade runes can be used in the first few levels after a weapon has been reforged, but each lower rarity rune drops to a certain point i.e. uncommon runes used on a 130 LI level can range from interlacing level 440-420, Rare can range from 400 to 430, up to Legendary, which can range from 400 to cap. There are two things to note about Upgrade Runes. First of all, they won’t increase the rarity of the tracery, so you can’t use one to change an uncommon tracery into a rare one. Second, these runes will only improve stats on a tracery. Players will not be able to improve damage percentage, area of ​​effect targets, skill damage, etc.

I couldn’t verify the DPS scans and the damage differences in practice, as someone was a troll and was killing the training dummies while I was on Bullroarer, but looking at the base damage difference for every skill between my old LI and the new LI with just uncommon tracery, the new LI did a lot more damage on each skill by at least 10,000. Not only that, there was a 1.5k bump. in right DPS. Overall, I will say this is an encouraging sign.

One more thing to mention is what we know about what’s going on with all of the current LI elements that players might be hanging onto. While not all settled, Vastin and Raninia have both confirmed that there will be a kind of compensation for things like Scrolls of Empowerment and Star-lit Crystals. It’s unclear whether that would trade or disenchant them for the new currencies, but they won’t be completely useless in this new system. Not only that, the Heritage / IXP runes will still come in handy when the Legendary Reward Track launches, tentatively with the launch of Gundabad.

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