Batman Vs Robin Made The Helmet Of Fate More Powerful


The return of the Devil Nezha to the DC Universe has led Damian Wayne to turn against his own father, but it seems there’s more going on than just the conflict between father and son. batman versus robin #2 (by Mark Waid, Mahmud Asrar, Jordie Bellaire, and Steve Wands) showed that Nezha, rather than launching a more obvious offensive, instead powers DC’s most famous magical artifact: the Helmet of Fate. As terrifying as that sounds, it actually raises a number of concerning questions about what Nezha is actually planning.

As perhaps one of the most powerful entities ever introduced to the DCU, Nezha has proven himself capable of taking over the world on his own. His possession ability can overwhelm even the likes of Superman, and it took the combined efforts of Doom Patrol, Superman, Supergirl, Batman, and Robin just to imprison him. If he prepares a super magic weapon, it is certainly not for conquest.

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What happens to the Helmet of Fate in Batman Vs. Robin?

While Damian continues the hunt for his father, Mother Soul helps Nezha collect various magical artifacts from around the world. Once they return to the Tower of Destiny, they then force Black Alice to siphon their magical energies into the helmet. As many fans will notice, the helmet contains the spirit and power of a lord of order, an already almost divine entity that can bestow great power on whoever wears it. Recharging it with even more power essentially makes it the most powerful magic item in the universe, possibly the entire world.

Nezha clearly intends to use it himself, but for what purpose is largely unknown. The obvious answer would be conquest. He learned not to underestimate the protectors of this new era, but he also proved himself to be far more powerful than them. It also seems that with his adaptive abilities, the same method of containing him that was the only way to defeat him wouldn’t work this time. He could honestly conquer the world without the helmet.

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What are the motives of the devil Nezha?

However, it is quite possible that the helmet is used for something else. When he first fought Batman, the Dark Knight speculated that Nezha was actually afraid of something else. Nezha’s angry reaction to this assessment seemed to imply that Batman was right. If so, the helmet supercharger could be Nezha’s way of preparing for this mysterious threat. This, however, gives context to just how deadly it truly is.

The helmet itself contains a Lord of Order, an already powerful entity. If Nezha needs more strength than that to handle this mysterious enemy, then this coming threat is mightier than anything Earth’s heroes have encountered so far. They still barely know how to handle Nezha, if things go wrong, then the weapon he makes might be their only chance to survive the coming storm.


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