All skills and what they do in Core Keeper


Like many other games with RPG elements, Core Keeper will give you the chance to advance your character’s abilities through the use of skills. There are many areas of the game where you can improve your skills just by performing the associated actions. Here is a complete list of all Core Keeper skills and what they do.


Cooking gives you a chance to get more food items by cooking. The following skills are available by upgrading your cooking skills:

  • Fast Food – Increased melee attack speed after eating cooked food
  • Long Duration Foods – Longer durations for baked food lovers
  • Healthy Food – Well-fed buffs are stronger
  • Master Chef – Chance that extra food obtained by cooking will be rare
  • Not So Picky – Well-fed buffs won by having less food
  • Sharing is Caring – Increased health regeneration of nearby allies
  • The Smell of Food – Best Nearby Ally Damage
  • Use of each nutrient – More food obtained by eating cooked food

Arts and crafts

Crafting is increased by crafting items at workstations or by hand. It gives more armor and the following skills:

  • Alchemist – Chance to get an additional item when crafting at Alchemy Tables or Distilleries
  • Base Builder – Chance of getting an item when crafting walls, floors, bridges, or fences.
  • Blacksmith – Items crafted at the anvil cost less materials
  • High Quality Gear – Chance for gear not to lose durability when taking damage
  • Industry Specialist – Additional items obtained when crafting Rails, Cables, and Conveyor Belts
  • Jewelery Craftsman – Best chance to earn a polished version of any crafted item at the Jewelery Workbench
  • The Right Tools in the Right Hands – Chance to not lose durability of tools and weapons when using them
  • Unbreakable – Better armor when at low health


Fishing is augmented by catching treasure or fish and provides these skills:

  • Anglers Advantage – Fish start the encounter closer to being caught
  • Fishermans Luck – Better chance of catching a fish
  • Improved Bait – Fish bites faster
  • Power of Omega-3s – Increased damage against bosses after eating fish
  • Studied Patterns – Increased dodge chance
  • Stable feet – Reduced slipping motion
  • Casting Expert – Increased fishing line casting range
  • Well Trained Aim – Added fishing percentage as range damage


Gardening is augmented by harvesting crops and provides the following skills:

  • Bottomless Watering Can – Chance to not lose water when using the watering can
  • Eat your vegetables – Get more food by eating plants
  • Expert Gardener – Chance of your plants turning golden
  • Grateful Gardener – Chance to gain a seed when harvesting
  • Poison Coated Weapons – Chance to apply poison on hits
  • Potent Poison – Increased damage against poisoned enemies
  • Thorny Hide – Thorns damage increased
  • Thorny Weapons – Better Critical Hit Damage

Hand to hand combat

Melee Combat focuses on your melee damage. The following skills are what you gain by damaging enemies.

  • Building Anger – Gain bonus stack damage from hitting enemies
  • Fast and Furious – Chance to momentarily double your melee attack speed
  • Heavy Swings – Better Chance To Knock Down
  • Quick Strikes – Increased melee attack speed
  • Seething Blade – Chance for melee hits to restore health
  • Force of the Ancients – Increased damage against bosses
  • Stubborn Fighter – Increased damage on the same target
  • Step Back – Increased ranged damage after dealing melee damage


In the Mining skill tree, you generally get better at mining. You earn points here by mining blocks. The skills you can earn are:

  • Archaeologist – Small chance to drop valuables from mined walls
  • Efficient Excavation – Better Mining Damage
  • Explosives Engineer – More explosive damage
  • Meticulous Miner – Better chance to gain extra ore from walls
  • Mine, mine, mine! – Faster mining speed
  • Miner’s Strength – Best mining melee damage
  • Night Vision – See ores further away better
  • Choose and run! – Increased speed after mining a wall

Ranged combat

Ranged combat is increased by damaging enemies with ranged projectile weapons. Here are the skills you get in this tree:

  • Amplified Accuracy – Increased critical hit damage
  • Loadout – Chance to increase melee damage after shooting an enemy
  • Targeted Accuracy – Increased ranged damage while standing still
  • Keeping Momentum – Increased range damage when shooting an enemy, stacking up to two times
  • Rapid Shots – Ranged attack speed increase
  • Slimy Bullets – Chance to slow enemies with your shots
  • Stun Shot – Chance to momentarily stun targets
  • Weakness Detection – Chance to increase critical hit chance when shooting an enemy


Running focuses on your overall movement abilities. This skill tree contains:

  • Balanced Stance – Increased chance to dodge after standing still
  • Breaking Barriers – Armor movement speed is increased
  • Encumbering Presence – Nearby enemies are slowed
  • Endurance Runner – Lose less food while running
  • Escape Artist – Reduced trap and stun duration
  • You need to get there quickly! – Speed ​​increases after continuously running for a short while
  • Keeping Tempo – Damage buff after running for a short time
  • On Your Toes – Speed ​​boost after dodging an attack


Vitality focuses on increasing your health by killing enemies. These are the skills that will give you more life bonuses.

  • Cheat Death – Chance to restore health instead of dying from deathblows
  • Desperate Fighter – Better damage when at low health
  • Healing Power – Better health over time, regeneration
  • Lingering Potions – Gain an extra percentage of health from healing potions over time
  • Maxed Out – Percentage of all skill points added to maxed health
  • Protection of the Ancients – Reduced boss damage
  • Stayin’ Alive – Recover health every second below max health
  • Strong and Healthy – Better damage with max health

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