A single Sith artifact can completely destroy any Jedi


Jedi are notoriously difficult to interrogate, but the Sith have created a deadly artifact that can defeat even the most powerful Force users.

Thanks to their bond with the Force and their legendary will, the star wars franchises Jedi Knights are not easy to interrogate, but a Sith artifact is capable of destroying the very mind and body of a Jedi. Sith torture masks are seemingly ordinary hoods, but thanks to their dark side energy, they can sever a Jedi’s connection to the Force, as Obi-Wan Kenobi learns while held captive by the Aspiring Sith Asajj Ventress in the Age of Legends. star wars story. Although Kenobi manages to escape captivity, Ventress’ Sith torture mask nearly breaks him.


Asajj Ventress has a different origin in the deceased star wars Continuity of Legends (which was the official franchise timeline before 2014). In Legends, Ventress is a Rattataki with no connection to the Nightsisters (human witches using the dark side of Dathomir). His stronghold on Rattatak, Castle Ventress, becomes a prison for Obi-Wan Kenobi and Alpha after they are captured in the Battle of Jabiim. While the Jedi and ARC Trooper duo manage to withstand Ventress’s various methods of torture, the former is nearly destroyed by a custom-made for Jedi.

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The Sith torture mask is explained in issue 60 of Star Wars: Republic, by Haden Blackman and Tomas Giorello. After deciding to execute Alpha in their next interrogation session, Asajj Ventress informs the non-Force-sensitive Rattataki Aidus that the Sith torture mask she placed on Kenobi is causing him to be unable to concentrate and prevents him from using the Force, so it’s only a matter of time before he succumbs to his torture. Ventress’ Sith torture mask would probably work, but luckily for Kenobi, he uses his ingenuity to free himself and Alpha from CIS captivity.

Kenobi Torture Mask

A signature dark side technique is to obscure another’s connection to the Force. Palpatine himself constantly uses this ability throughout the star wars prequel era, blocking the Jedi Order’s ability to detect his machinations and even his connection to the dark side. This allows him to hide in plain sight and gradually stage an autocratic coup without the order’s highest Jedi suspecting he is behind it. Naturally, the Sith torture mask obscures a Jedi’s attention to the point of functionally severing their connection to the Force, making them far more vulnerable to conventional interrogation methods.

The Sith Torture Mask also demonstrates a key difference between the Force and its dark side. While the Force is ubiquitous, requiring Jedi and other Force users to simply tap into it, the dark side is often tied to a specific location or object, leaving it restricted but highly focused. The Sith torture mask seen in the star wars The Legends universe is imbued with enough malevolent dark side energy to dampen the spirit of even a powerful Jedi like Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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