A new marriage found for the California gold dollar



Researchers have confirmed the discovery of a new marriage of Californian gold dollar matrix, part of the low-value gold coins issued by individuals in the Gold Rush era.

According to Stack’s Bowers Galleries, the coin was discovered by Ken Glickman, an avid collector and researcher of California gold coins in small denominations. The new variety has been confirmed by specialists Ronald J. Gillio, Robert D. Leonard Jr. and John Pack. The new variety designation for this unique specimen will be listed as BG-526a, as it falls between BG-526 (1853) and BG-527 (1854) in the Walter Breen-Ron Gillio reference book.

According to Stack’s Bowers Galleries, the obverse of the new wedding is the same as that of the BG-526 and is easy to match, as follows: two around 3 o’clock, connecting the top and bottom of the bun at the edge). The bold nature of these breakups makes them easy to identify. Since they are heavier in this pairing than in using the BG-526, they must always be present in this marriage.

However, the inverted die differs from that used for the BG-526 and was determined to match the die used to strike the single BG-529, but in an earlier state, according to the company.

“As a result, a new dice pairing is discovered! Said Stack’s Bowers.

“Interestingly, this muling of the BG-526 obverse and BG-529 reverse combines an obverse used in a pairing dated 1853 and a reverse used in a pairing dated 1854.”

According to the firm, Glickman said: “Ever since I first discovered elusive and rare California gold coins on eBay in August 2000, I have wondered if I would be one of the few coin collectors. lucky coin to discover something new in this numismatic field. that the eBay seller had said was a “sleeper”. So began my lifelong quest to research new varieties over the three time periods. After having accumulated more than 500 varieties, with quite a few new varieties from the second and third periods, I was always looking for a new varietal discovery for the more prestigious first period. It was only at the beginning of the year that I was delighted to discover and finally acquire this specimen of BG-526a.

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