A military veteran searches for rightful heirs to a historic legacy – and thinks they might be in Shropshire


A MILITARY veteran searches for the rightful owner of a historic family heirloom – and believes it may be in the Shropshire area.

Tony Kennedy, 83, has a rare item passed down to him from his family, which was originally presented to former POW and World War II veteran Leg Pugh.

Mr Kennedy researched the descendants of L. Pugh, who died in the Hitchin area of ​​Hertfordshire in 2020.

He said: “The item came to me through family after it was presented to L. Pugh in 1957, but it deviated somewhat through marriage and life.”

According to Kennedy’s research, Pugh was from London and had a son, Anthony, born in 1935. He married Jennie Adams and had a daughter, Diana, in 1938.

He was unable to trace any further details about Diana, as it is likely she changed her name if and when she married.


He doesn’t want to divulge the exact details of the item until he finds the rightful heir, only revealing that it came from a ship.

‘I think there are more direct descendants of Mr Pugh, perhaps living in the Shropshire or Hertfordshire area and I would like that to come back to them,’ he added.

Mr Kennedy believes Anthony Pugh left behind children and grandchildren and he just wants the inheritance to go to the rightful family members.

The veteran described the object as “very beautiful and few in number”, adding to the mystery surrounding the heritage.

The keepsake was made by jewelers and watchmakers in Belfast long ago, and it also bears a distinct inscription.

He has many more details about the family history and legacy, but he wants to keep them from the public while he investigates further.

In doing so, he hopes to be contacted only by Pugh’s descendants.

If no rightful owners are found, the veteran will donate the heirloom to a military museum.

Mr Kennedy says he is not seeking any form of financial gain and only has a ‘genuine desire’ to see it returned to the Pugh family.

If you have any information about the family or think you can help you can contact Tony Kennedy on 01752 781596 or Annette Laurie on 07802 896505.


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