A man in Crowley hopes to donate artifacts from his yard


CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) — Is it a trash can or is it a treasure? A Crowley man named Harry May has found objects in his garden that may share information about the town’s past.

“As I was digging up the dirt to get these blocks and bricks and everything out of the bin. I find artifacts from machines that probably go back 75, maybe 100 cents, I don’t know,” said Harry May, who is a landscaper.

Harry May and his wife, Mary May, have lived in their Crowley area home for three years.

“It was a mission when I first came here to remove all the vines, to spruce up the neighborhood, if you will. I love this neighborhood,” he said. “It intrigues me because I live on a Cooley here in Crowley.”

In Harry’s garden, he discovers different artifacts.

“With this type of system here; with the artifacts that I find with the big bolts and everything that I say there was a dredge line or something here once or a bulldozer,” he said. “Some type of heavy equipment and that’s where they were in the shops servicing that type of heavy equipment.”

“It’s the remains of when they were doing the infrastructure for the drainage system in Crowley years ago, and I dug it up.”

Besides digging up the various pieces of machinery, he discovered something else that could also go back in time.

“I took this Confucius out with a kid and all I did with a toothbrush, Dawn, and bleach, and he’s probably been there for 30, 40, 50 years like everything else” , said May.

“Is it trash or treasure? They can be the judge.

He adds that his yard has old red cypresses.

“I’m sitting on all these old red cypress woods. I’ve been around, and the best of the best is Red Cypress in the world, and I’m sitting on it,” he said.

“Harry can always see the beauty in something,” said his wife Mary May. “You never know what you might find cleaning your own backyard. It can be very rewarding.

The couple say that if there are any cash profits from the items found, they would like to donate the money to the women’s shelter. Harry added that he would like to donate the artifacts to a university or a museum. In addition, he would trade wood for an exchange.


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