5 rare emotes to collect in Free Fire MAX (2022)


Garena Free Fire MAX has become a real sensation with its tenfold growth in numbers which has continued to increase. The success of Garena’s BR shooter has also increased the game’s library of collectibles and other accessories.

The number of emotes has increased with each in-game event and has also helped boost their popularity in Free Fire MAX. Emotes have become a mode of expression, primarily celebratory, for gamers in-match.

Players can purchase emotes through the in-game store or acquire the legendary variants through events. However, some emotes have become rare due to their in-game availability on special occasions.

Garena Free Fire MAX: The rarest emotes users should collect when they come to the game (March 2022)

1) flowers of love

Animation: The character shows the rose while kneeling.

Popularly known as the Rose emote, Flowers of Love was first seen during the Valentine’s Day-themed recharge event in February 2019. It was one of two rewards available after a refill of 500 diamonds.

Players were also able to spot the Flowers of Love emote during this year’s Valentine’s Day event.

2) FFWC Throne

Animation: The character displays the throne by sitting on it.

Garena often introduces new items to promote their esports tournaments, and FFWC Throne is a similar collectible. It was introduced to encourage the FFWC series in 2019 and immediately became one of the most coveted items.

FFWC Throne emote quite rare due to availability. However, he was seen during the “Emote Party event in January” of 2022.

3) Obliteration

Animation: The character throws a powerful punch.

It’s clear from the animated style of the emote that the One-Punch Man inspired it. The obliteration emote entered the game in January 2021 via the OP Man collaboration. The emote has been famous among fans ever since, but became a rare item after it was retired.

4) Doggie

Animation: The character alongside the pet “Shiba” replicates the viral Brazilian Dancing Dog meme.

The famous “Shiba” emote was available in the “Emote Party” event of 2020. It featured a raffle frame with two different prize pools featuring a plethora of emotes.

After the event ended, the Doggie emote was removed from the game. However, there have been many returns on multiple occasions.

5) Kill Creed

Creed Slay emote available in Assasin's Creed Top Up (Image via Garena)
Creed Slay emote available in Assasin’s Creed Top Up (Image via Garena)

Animation: The emote shows the character performing combat moves inspired by the Assassin’s Creed series.

The emote is available in Free Fire MAX right now through the “Assasin’s Creed Top Up” event. It is available until March 9, 2022 and users can claim it for free after purchasing 500 diamonds through the game.

Note: This list is in no particular order and reflects the opinion of the author.

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