2022 1 oz American Eagle Burnished Gold Coin MS70


As part of our ongoing relationship with the United States Mint, we are proud to begin offering a new product to our valued customers – the 2022 Burnished Gold American Eagles!

Rarity generates value, and Burnished American Eagles are the rarest type of American Eagle. Burnished American Eagles have been made since 2006. Despite the history of these pieces,
scarcity and potential for growth, the market has barely begun to notice this in recent years. We always look for the best opportunities to protect our customers and we take advantage of them.
responsibility seriously. We think now is the time for you to add them to your holdings. Our company being the biggest wholesale buyer of numismatic coins
of the US Mint, you have everything to gain from our purchasing power. You also get quality. These will be perfect MS70 graduated pieces signed by Ed Moy, the 38th director
of the United States Mint.

Bruni describes the process of making the pieces. The process begins with tumbling the blanks with tiny pearl-sized steel balls before heading to the coin press. The polished coin blanks are then manually fed into specially adapted coin presses, one at a time. The unique manufacturing process gives the pieces a stunning matte finish. These unique coins are further distinguished from bullion coins by the presence of the W mintmark, indicating that they were minted at the West Point Mint. Print runs are lower because producing a burnished coin is a very laborious and expensive process.

Parts Highlights:

  • Piece burnished with a smooth matte finish with “W” mint mark
  • Mintage: 9,000 (lowest mintage of Gold American Eagle versions)
  • Certified in Perfect MS70 by NGC
  • Ed Moy Hand Signed Signature Tag
  • 22 carat gold
  • Obverse: Lady Liberty walking with concentration and determination, torch in one hand and olive branch in the other
  • Back: Close-up portrait of an American bald eagle created by graphic designer Jennie Norris

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