10 rarest badges in Apex Legends


Banners are symbols in Apex Legends which show that a player has completed several difficult challenges. They are given to the most skilled players to win games, lead kills and more. Three badges are visible on your banner. The rarer the badge, the more skilled the player.

The 10 rarest badges in Apex Legends will be featured in this article. Read on to learn tips and tricks on how to get these badges.

Teamwork Badge IV

The Team Work IV badge is awarded individually to players on a team that end a match with 10 or more kills each. This means that your team will kill most of the lobby in your match, which seems to be very difficult. Note that you cannot split 30 kills in a match between your team, with one player having more kills than the others. Everyone on the team you played with will earn this rare badge if kills are equal. This is by far one of the hardest badges to earn, as you need all players to be at the top of their game.

20 bombs: 20 kills badge

Another rewarding item for a hard day’s work in Apex Legends would be the 20 kills badge. So many players try to get it but only a few people get this rare badge because it is very hard to get. To get this badge, you need to join a match and kill 20 people – that’s almost a third of the lobby! And it’s for you alone; kills cannot be shared with your teammates, making this a difficult badge to earn. You’ll look like a beast having this, probably intimidating all your enemies, especially if they see you as the champion of the match.

[Legend]’s Wrath I-IV badge (4000 damage badge)

Some banners indicate how much damage you take in a single match. The Legend’s Wrath is a damage badge that requires players to be very skilled. The word “Legend’s” will be changed with the legend you play during the match where you achieve the necessary damage. Players have to be smart to get their loot and be careful not to get killed. In a single match, a player must take 2000 damage for Wrath I, 2500 damage for II, 3000 damage for III, and 4000 damage for Wrath IV. You can only get these badges if you do the required amount of damage in a single match.

Apex Predator Insignia

Banners are symbols in Apex Legends that show a player has completed several difficult challenges. You need to unlock trackers like number of kills, number of downed enemies, poses and of course badges. Each season, you can rank up from the lowest tier, which is Bronze IV, to the top. Apex Predator is the highest rank in the game. These are the players who survived the split and the season. Having a rare badge representing this position means that you are among the top 750 players on your platform. Most streamers and very good players have that. There is no easy way to earn this badge.

Rapid Elimination Badge

The popular game format, battle royale, lets you choose to play as a team of trios or duos. For the Rapid Elimination badge, you need to quickly kill four enemies within 20 seconds in the game. Players can easily achieve this goal by staying on their toes, getting good loot, and of course, using the technique most famous of all – the ever-challenging but thrilling third party of the other teams in the game.

triple triple badge

The name of this badge may sound appealing to some, but it’s a really tough badge to earn. The Triple Triple is a rare badge since you have to eliminate three entire teams in a single game. Sounds easy, right? But here’s the catch of this badge: all kills must be credited to you. You better pray that your teammates don’t down any enemies in your game, so maybe it’s best to go solo to get that badge.

Winning Streak Badge (5 consecutive wins)

The Win Streak badge is awarded to a player who wins five consecutive matches in a battle royale, either in Trios or Duos. Unlike other badges, there is no need to use a specific legend. All you have to do is defeat hundreds of enemies and win all the matches you have participated in. Remember that these games must be won in a row one by one to get the badge. The badge contains stars with your winning streak number: 2, 3, 4 or 5.

Master of All Badge

Win 10 games in Apex while playing 8 different Legends and you’ll earn this badge. You can play as Valkyrie, Octane or Loba and show off the badge. This means you can’t always play the Legend you’ve mastered, which is difficult for some. You also need to unlock the other characters for the badge as they only allow you to play the original legends for free. Make your way to play all these different legends and you’ll be sure to earn this reward.

No witness badge

This is a very difficult badge to earn as it requires a full pre-made team where you expect everyone in the match to put in maximum effort. Invite your friends to play and tell them about the badge! Remember that the whole team must kill 15 other people without them being revived or respawned in the game. Make sure to stack your shields and syringes, otherwise it will be difficult to get this badge.

Hot Streak Badge

The Hot Streak badge is similar to the Win Streak badge, but you only have to play one Legend and win two matches in a row with them. To get the badge, you are allowed to win 1 game as your chosen character, lose another, and then win as the first legend you started with, because they still consider this a streak! It sounds difficult, but it’s not that difficult. You must be sure to kill most enemy squads to ensure you get this badge.


To earn these badges, you have to go through a very long and difficult journey in the game. There have been many seasons of Apex since it has been popular for three years now. It will probably take a long time to catch up with other players. Apex Badge Reinforcement can help you get the many rare badges without breaking a sweat. Impress your team members and even the enemies you’ve killed in-game by showing off those achievements through the badges on your banner. By collecting these rare badges, you can stand out from the crowd.


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